AwaOdori in Barcelona, at Matsuri IV Traditional Japanese Festival 2016 in Spain

The “Matsuri” an annual traditional Japanese festival in Barcelona was held on 11 to 12 June 2016 at Plaça del Mar (Barceloneta) in Spain. The Festival offers a wide range of entertainment, activities, cuisine and children’s workshops focusing on traditional and festive Japanese culture. This year’s 2016 edition features the special traditional AwaOdori dance performance of Japan by the Gojahey and AwaOdori Organization members of the Tokushima Pref from Awa.

More photos of AwaOdori in Balcerona 2016 will be available. Check out update info at @AwaOdoriSNS via Twitter.

AwaOdori in Moscow, at the International Military Music Fest Spasskaya Tower 2016 on Red Square

The Ninth International Military Music Festival “Spasskaya Tower” will take place from 27th August to 4th September 2016 in Moscow, on Red Square, Russia. AwaOdori Dancers from Awa Japan will join and perform at the Festival Spasskaya Tower 2016 as an international team; August 27, 20:00-22:15 Festival Grand Opening Ceremony, Some of the world’s best military bands will parade along the park’s central avenue from the Raketa fountain to the archway at the main entrance. Participants include the Presidential Regiment’s Cavalry Escort (Russia), the Original Tiroler Kaiserjagermusik Band (Austria), the Carabinieri Band (Italy), the Singapore Police Force Band, the AwaOdori (Japan) and others.

Aug 28 11:00-11:30 Japan “AwaOdori” at square in front of Paveletskaya railway station, Aug 29 13:30–14:00 Japan “AwaOdori” Red Square, Stage of the Children’s village, Aug 28-29 22:15 Japan “AwaOdori” Performance of…
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AwaOdori Dancers performing at Place des Vosges in Paris to promote AOP2016 next year

Female AwaOdori Dancers of the AwaOdori Shinko Kyokai & AwaOdori Organization of the Tokushima Pref from Awa Japan are performing “OnNaOdori” at Place des Vosges in Paris to promote the AOP2016 will be held in Paris next year RT fuchsiapa via Twitter