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阿波おどり振興協会「総おどり」 & 阿波おどり2019 阿波おどり演舞場 有名連出演表 at AwaOdori 2019

AwaOdori Promotional Organization announced that; SoOdori will take place on a day by day rotating basis in four different locations at AwaOdori 2019; 22:00-22:30 on 12 Aug at Konyamachi Embujo, on 13 Aug at Aibahama Embujo, on 14 Aug at Shiyakusho-mae Embujo, and on 15 Aug at Minami-Uchimachi Embujo in Awa Japan.
For more information on AwaOdori 2019 Selection Shows, please check out timetable and schedule of AwaOdori 2019 Selection Shows and Festival Eve on the stage.