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Mynavi presents 第29回東京ガールズコレクション Tokyo Girls Collection 2019AW at さいたまスーパーアリーナ

Mynavi presents “Tokyo Girls Collection” for 2019 Autmn/Winter featuring Special TGC Runway Shows and Music Live Performances was held at Saitama Super Arena, Japan.
Aya Asahina a Japanese model from Awaji Island walking on the runway at U by Spick & Span 2019AW Fashion Show, Mynavi presents TGC2019AW which was held at Saitama Super Arena
More photos of the “TGC2019AW” will be available on the site. Check out our update info at @AwaOdoriSNS via Twitter or this site. All photos are copyrighted material >and all rights are reserved by & related companies.