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はなはるフェスタ2019 阿波おどり

4/20 10:00-21:00, 4/21 10:00-17:00 HanaHaru Fest 2019 AwaOdori in Spring will take place on 20-21 April 2019 at the AibaHama Park, AwaGin Hall, and other related event area, Awa Japan.
AwaOdori in Spring Live at the AibaHama Embujo (Sajiki): 4/20 10:30-12:06. 13:30-15:06 4/21 10:30-12:06, 13:30-15:06,
AwaOdori in Spring on the stage at Awagin Hall: 4/20, 10:30-11:54, 13:30-15:06 4/21 10:30-11:54, 13:30-15:06 For more detail about AwaOdori Spring Live, please see timetable and schedule of AwaOdori Spring Live 2019 at Aibahama and AwaGin Hall.
Free tickets of AwaOdori in Spring on the stage at Awagin Hall will be distributed and may become available 30 minutes prior to each AwaOdori Live performances on the day at the entrances of AwaGin Hall in Awa.